Pharmaceuticals Pet Bottles
Light weight Pharma Pet Bottles are transparent by nature. These can be used for packing edible and non food grade products. These are cost effective and are completely protected against moisture and water.
HDPE Jars/Bottles
HDPE Products are appreciated for their highly durable quality, impact proof design and board range of temperature enduring capacity. These high density PE made containers are also protected against wear and chemicals.
Cosmetic Bottles
Pet Products are popularly used as suitable packaging material for personal care items and medicines for their non toxic grade content. These light weight bottles and containers are easy to maintain and handle.
Balm  & Rub Jars
Balm Containers/Rub Jars have been developed from PET product of recyclable quality. These containers are breakage protected and are useful for reducing packaging charge. These possess unique anti bacterial attributes.
Powder Bottle
Provided range of Powder Bottles has been produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE).These containers are light in weight and are completely impact protected. Being leakage protected, these help to reduce material wastage rate.
Tablet Containers/Jars
These precise shaped Plastic Caps have been produced from blow molding or injection molding technology. These are chemical protected. Special design of these plastic items prevents entrance of moisture and air inside containers.
Cosmetic Packaging Containers
Cosmetic Containers have been produced form environment friendly HDPE or PET material. These are available in different storage capacity, size, opening style and color based options. These containers are crack proof.
Plastic nazal inhaler is designed and developed for balm making companies. Just like vicks vaporub, the balm is added into the inhaler. Through the small holes at the top of the inhaler container, one can smell the balm inside.

Pharma Measuring Cups
Available in 10 ml and 15 ml measurement capacity based options, these transparent Measuring Cups are available with medicinal products like syrup. These cups help to maintain precision of dosage of prescribed medicine.
Spray Pumps
Spray pumps are used in cosmetic and other industries to let people apply products in the right way. Spray pump is a spray applicator which when pressed sprays a right amount of product.